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There is the future right out there in the yard.
Those little children, playing ball and hide and seek.
Squealing and laughing, falling and rolling in the grass.
These children of my children.

Soon the Easter Bunny will hide the eggs for the first time.
After that Uncle Lee will gather them up and hide three or more times.
The little ones will get their first egg before I can turn the next ones loose.
It's amazing how they find them all and even share with the smaller ones.

So proud the parents are, but even prouder is this Grandma.
I feel good about their kindness to each other, and to me.
How they learn about life by being together.
How they watch their parents, in case they have doubts.

Gee, if I had watched my Dad closer I would have made fewer mistakes.
Seems I had to make all the mistakes on my own, but I did learn.
When the older grands hug the lil ones, I beam, as do the parents.
and they are well mannered, too. Please and thank you they say.


By Brier (

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