Spring will come this year too
As sure as the winter came
Daffidils are in bud
Forsythias show peeks of yellow.

Spring will come as it always does
Winter will go
Spring will come and stay til summer,
Spring breezes, spring rains.

The koi in the pond are swimming faster.
The occasional sunny day shines through.
Cleaning the patio furniture has begun.
Gathering of winter for disposal too.

Checking the wardrobe for things to throw out
And dreams of a mad shopping spree.
Easter will soon be here.
Colored eggs hung from a small tree.

Spring is coming, I am sure.
As sure as winter will soon be over.
Easter will be right behind.
Get a new Easter bonnet, enjoy.

By Brier (Brierhillbarbara@aol.com)








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