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By Marilyn (

Spring! When we watch the seasons change we know that Mother Nature is in control. For many of us, the days grow longer and the cold winds cease.

What is Spring like in your part of the world? At my house I'm seeing bird nests being built in our pine trees. I'm seeing a lot of rain! My tulips are blooming and so are my late daffodils. The blue pansies and little grape hyacinths add a lot of color to my flower beds.

But Spring is more than flowers and rain. Maybe to you it means extra house cleaning? A Spring vacation? Why not take a few minutes and jot down some musings. A poem would be very much appreciated, and so would a short story. Spring is the topic. We look forward to your entry.

LaraOct7. (


Spring, et cetera

By Bob (

To all who will not ever fully know
The pleasures of each season as it lives,
I bring you tidings of another change
Which brings a new life opportunity.

Soon skies will brighten. Days will warmer be -
The birds and bees and flowers come again
With their assorted allergies to greet
Your spirits and demands that summer come.

The summer's warmth is overbearing heat
And brings a stifling feeling to our lives -
Too bad some cool relief is not in sight -
A breeze, perhaps, or shading clouds on high.

When fall arrives, with Autumns promise bright
We feel a crispness in the newer air
The pleasant sense of coolness quickly flies
Away, to beat of Winter's frigid blows

So now the winter, bringing our desires
Comes with a rush of ever cooler days
And we, to show our same appreciation.
Impatiently demand the coming of our Spring.



By Swampetta (

Spring has sprung
The wash is hung
All out on the line.

The birdies sing
While I fling
Wet sheets and hurt my spine.

My drawers are a-flapping
My bras are a-snapping
First time this year they're seen

I hang out the fancy ones
That don't fit on my buns
My real one's aren't too keen.

The others get washed at night
They are an awful sight.
Into the dryer they go.

But out there in the breeze,
Lace an satin are all you sees
The neighbors don't have to know.



By Norma (

When you see the fairies tripping
A light fantastic among the dragon flies,
And night birds call to singing dogs,
As they meet in sunshine real time belies.

Easter eggs have cracked and hatched,
Organdy is hanging back for another special day.
Time to start your own new life
Farewell old man, on to bright May.

Take stock!

When the store boys sweep their brooms from aisle 3,
Popped bags of peat moss and broken terra cotta,
Bistro tables and umbrellas replace
Book bins and candy and logs like potahttas

Youíve got to buy a new grass rake,
Toss the bent one with the slipping handle,
Duct tape the garden hose one more time,
For bugs and ants, light citronella candles.

Then breathe the wetted air after rain,
Lie back in the day where there be not too cold nor heat,
And eat new cream sickles, drink iced tea,
Wallow in the pastel colors, hear spring music beat.

Persephone loves you, she sings old-new sounds,
Outside no longer warm fireplaces, music gathers,
Childrenís scooters rattle and little voices laugh.
A symphony of new, new, new, now that matters.

Itís Spring!


Springtime With Grandma

By Doris (

Grandma scoured marble stairs
On her hands and knees
Washed the hallway curtains
And hung them in the breeze.

Mary and I polished the brass
On the mailbox and doorbell
Then we swept the old front steps
And hosed them down real well.

Spring meant special cleaning
To get rid of winter's grime
Grandma made it like a game
As we sang along in time.

When grandma got on in years
She moved away from there
Springtime cleaning games ended
But happy memories we still share.



By Amy (

The sun shines down on mountains of blue haze
it rises and falls and we all do gaze
at its beauty come summer or fall
but springtime in the mountains is the greatest time of all
our desert mountains are high
we climb to the top it's so so dry
we drink lots of liquids from water to tea
we arrive at the top and smile with glee
at the scene and the view
a hundred miles of beauty and colorful hues
spring in the desert with cacti blooms
lifts our spirits and takes away the doom
then comes the dreaded triple degrees
a frown appears, we want to flee
up north to the mountains out of valley of the sun
we want to have a little bit of fun
up north it is cooler and different things to see
oh lord just let me be me ..
and see what i can see..
in temperatures less than a hundred and three ..



By Tom (

Spring has sprung the snow is going,
soon we will be a mowing.
Little white flowers peep through the snow,
oh the wonder, how do they grow?

Buds a bursting on the trees,
soon they will open into new leaves.
Snow a melting, yes indeed,
still not time to plant new seeds.

Tulip leaves snaking up to the sun
soon their blooms will give us fun.
Wonders of Spring seem to abound,
two daffodils I have found.

Warmer are the days we have now,
soon the evenings will be warm to thou.
Birds a chirping, nests a building,
gains the attention of the children.

Nature can be so beautiful,
at other times it is so doubtful.
Sing a song of praise to spring,
let us take it on the wing.

Smile and sing, be real happy,
laud spring now for it can be daffy.
How many more springs will I see,
before it is the end of me?



By Phyllis Ann (

I read somewhere that every Spring God rewrites the book of Genesis.

How many Springs have these eyes seen?
How many times has the warm sun and showers brought forth new green?

The tender shoots come up through the soil it seems as if overnight.
The Spring trees blossom and bloom with all their might.

Glorious colors spring forth from a palate so rare,
And with Godís creation, there is nothing to compare.

Everywhere we look upon beauty fraught with grace.
In each lily, we see the dear Saviorís face.

Hope springs eternal each Spring that comes anew.
The winter disappears with the singing birds returning to the skies of blue.

Each opening bud shows forth His love and promise again.
That which was dead has arose to new life,
And there is hope for all men.


Spring is here...finally

By susi (

Spring, finally.....
Yesterday was the first day of Spring,
for me at least. A day of lovely things
the crocus bloomed, hyacinths not far behind
green grass and sunshine, Mother Nature is kind

This old dirt road is dry and dusty, clouds behind cars
slush and slippery ice is gone leaving winters scars
the maple tree is heavy with its buds of red
while underneath the spirea are piles of leaves so dead

Enjoying a jacketless day with arms bare and white
hoping for some color given by the sunshine's light
Spring, finally.......I can work in my yard
trying to repair what winter marred

Soon, with brilliant color everywhere swirled
I can relax on the porch swing and survey my flowered world
Summer will come with all her finery
But today..... today Spring is here,....finally!



By Sharon (

Spring sprang then it did went
In the desert, heat is sent
Wild flowers bloom so bright
The sun bakes them just right

While the flowers are in bloom
Sneezes sound like sonic boom
Larry lizard comes out to bask
To eat him is Falcon's task

Birds nesting during early spring
Little ones soon take to wing
Now the temps start to rise
Wearing sun hats is quite wise

Pale legs appear in pants so short
A/C turned on we all resort
When others notice 75 degrees
We here in desert wish for a breeze

Spring sprang then it did went
In the desert, heat is sent
But I love it, don't you know
There is no worry of a late snow





The Warmth of Spring

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Peace, Hope, Happiness

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