as time goes on and we grow old
sometimes we get a little bold
somtimes our tongues begin to wag
sometimes our bodies begin to sag

sometimes we forget to smile
hopefully we can still walk a mile
some get grumpy, cranky too
we have lots of aches and pains and can't do

all the things we used to do
some can't even go to the loo
getting older has good points too
most don't have to work tis true

most can come and go when they please
most get a God bless you when they sneeze
most of older folks get discounts
some even try to get on a horse and mount

some try all kinds of different things
like writing these words in red ink
some try to sing and dance
then others try for some romance

whatever you try
do not cry
give it a whirl
get your ice cream in a swirl

if it's new you won't get bored
just watch the point on that sword
watch the oxygen in the balloon
and never stop howling at your moon

By Amy (






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