A hundred meters of jungle.
A hundred meters of ants.
Couldn’t keep from crunching ’em.
First, ten meters of yellow ants.
Then ten meters of half yellow,
half back ants.
Followed by ten of all black,
and then ten of black and red.
Finally, twenty meters of
nasty, mean, hard biting reds.

Like airborne troops,
they drop from the trees,
crawl down your collar,
and attack so viciously,
that unbelievable contortions,
ripped and torn clothing, and
guns and equipment flying
in all directions,
just to reach the critters
and stop the pain—
creates the dance
known far and wide
as the red ant strip.

Coming back out –
the gauntlet reversed –
Red (grateful to be unbitten),
then red/black,
into all black,
black and yellow,
and a final
blast of yellow.

A bulls-eye of live bugs.




Each group struggling
to conquer the next,
while producing
a bastard,
mixed population
at constant war
with each other.

How like us.

© By John M. Koelsch


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