The Snowies of Wyoming. Photographed by TomWYO and used with his permission.

What is Haiku?

Haiku is a very old form of Japanese poetry, written in the format of three lines and consisting of no more than 17 syllables (5-7-5). Japanese haiku usually has a seasonal reference, where the more modern English-Language Haiku, which evolved from the Japanese Haiku doesn't. The English-Language haiku may consist of three lines with fewer syllables and it doesn't require a seasonal reference.

In writing haiku, one is supposed to find the 'awe' of an experience and try to convey it to others. Haiku isn't about rhyming or the use of metaphors. Rather, it's a writer's way of encouraging us to see beyond the obvious.

Open to all ages.
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Marilyn (

Wyoming mountains
Snow-capped in the summertime
Look more like winter.

By Doris (


By Mikey (

snow on the mountains
backdrop for dark pine forests
how magnificent!


mountainous grandeur
makes everything else look

By susi (

snowy rocks and pines
elusive summer succumbs
Wyoming coolness


rising to the sky
wind and weather her fortune
summer unlike ours


crags and crevices
green and white her colors be
Wyoming in June

By Phyllis Ann (

It's almost summer
will the Winter never end
high gore holds the frost


The calendar say
time for the flowers to bloom
ice crystals forming


a beauiful site
but it makes one feel the chill
come soon summertime

By Joy (

Lake Marie up high
Late in June Rocky Mountains
Wyoming my home


Scenic wonders
Enjoying real nature
Soak up the beauty


Wish for place to live
Find it in the Snowy Range
Natural surroundings


Bait a hook, cook a dog
Mother nature’s idyllic spot
Enjoy, just relax

By Tom (

awesome splendorous beauty
whitecapped mountains a plenty
a peaceful scene here

By Amy (

think of the elk that
sees this every day - in black
and white, no less

By Marilyn (

clear blue mountain lake
tall pines and snowy mountains
cloudless sky above


crystal lake below
snowy range rises skyward
peace in Wyoming

By Cottage Lady (

Time runs slower here.
The snow takes longer to melt.
Mother Nature rules.


No time clock for her.
And she reads no calendar.
Mountains freezer fresh.

Swampetta (

Snow in the highlands,
Crystals on the trees,
God's view from a warm cabin


Cool blue mountains
Glistening snow
Inciting heat's desire.

By Norma (

The frozen river
accepts the fact of its course
with the landsacape's snow.

(Spanish translation/adaptation)

El río congelado
acepta el hecho de su curso
con la nieve de sus contornos.

By Emiliano (

majesty God's plan
mountain juts into blue's sky
holds serenity

By Marilyn Terwilleger (

Covered in white snow
Even on a summer day
Beauty at its best

By Connie (

Ahhh ~ Summertime;
snow~capped moutains,
Wyoming's beauty!

Winter lingering . . .
June's chilly mountains,
inviting skiers?

By Mary Mizrany (


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