Halloween Socks

Mary Beth sauntered down Maple Street looking in the windows of the antique shops.
She was looking for a pair of old Halloween socks.

She had gone about a half a block when she stopped in front of old Mrs. Merryweather’s store.
In the window was a mannequin wearing black fish net hose, With bats appliquéd in a fancy pattern; just what she was looking for.

She had been invited to a Halloween party on her block.
She wanted to dress up in something really special that wouldn’t make her a laughing stock.

Mrs. “M” , as the town folk called her, put the hose in a bag.
She wanted to know if Mary Beth had looked at the price tag.

The hose cost a pretty penny for a costume party she knew,
But Mary Beth insisted that nothing else would do.

So, the night of the party, she put on the hose.
To her face she attached a great, long nose.

Witches hat, pointed shoes and a broom completed her costume that night.
She left her house in a tattered black dress with spider webs that should cause some fright.

Up on the hill at the old haunted house, the party began at the stroke of twelve.
Into what went on at that house, we will not delve.

At about 3:00 a.m. Mary Beth decided to leave, but the door would not open for her,
And by the door lay an old yellow cur.

He stared at her as she tugged and pulled on the knob.
She began to get scared and began to sob.

“Leaving so soon“, came a voice from behind her back.
She turned around to see a head wearing a burlap sack.

“Let me out of here“, Mary Beth cried.
He just laughed and laughed, the more she tried.

Soon a lady in a dress of red,
Came to her rescue and said she had nothing to dread.

“Pull the cord by the door, dear girl“,
And the door swung wide with a gush of wind and leaves a whirl.

Mary Beth ran all the way home, with the yellow cur at her heels.
She was out of breath, and her head hurt as she stumbles and reels.

She got to her house, and ran inside as fast as she could.
The old dog ran in behind her, and laid down on a rug as he should.

Her hose were torn, and she felt like going to sleep.
To the foot of her bed, the yellow dog did creep.

She patted his head as she crawled in her bed.
He turned into a handsome prince wearing her hose on his head.

That is what happens when to a haunted Halloween party you go.
You will reap the wild oats that you sow.

© By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)


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