Seventy years I have grown and learned on this earth
and I am still learning. Never a day goes by I don't discover something new, or something old that I never knew.

I knew when oleo was white with the yellow dot.
I got to work the yellow into what looked like lard-in-plastic back in the forties.
Personally I have gone back to butter I just like the taste better.

I like homemade buttermilk but it's hard to get so I buy that mess that's called buttermilk at the super market.

I love really good ice cream but I had to cut back on my sugar.
I buy the 'no sugar added'.

Doctor asked why I was depressed but he was too young to understand that nothing I like is good because I can't have the old way.

Whole and fresh good flavor, can't even have real licorice any more. It does some thing to the blood pressure??

Now what will it be next? Don't lick postage stamps, or envelopes.
Don't open pills that aren't sealed 3 times.

Life has changed so much these last few years. I wouldn't want the ones I love to come back and see how bad it is. My Grandparents would never believe some of the so-called conveniences we have today. I wonder are they all convenient or are they just another burden to cause worry and spend more money on? I do wonder some times.





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