For me, autumn has always been a time not of endings, but beginnings. As summer faded, my birthday arrived with a celebration. Each day following my birthday seemed anticlimactic until the first day of school. Money was doled out for new shoes for school, not to serve style but necessity. Over each summer I would grow two inches taller and my feet two inches longer, or so it seemed as I tried unsuccessfully to stuff them into last year’s oxfords.

Money appeared for pens, a binder and loose-leaf paper, crisp and clean as new sheets. My awkward grade school scrawl would fill each blank page with long division and exotic sounding names of foreign capitals. There would be a new teacher, and a clean slate. Childish mistakes of the previous year forgotten, I will become her favorite, she will never be annoyed with me nor I bored with her. A new school year, this time around I will achieve perfection, lasso my dreams, the mysteries of the Universe will be revealed!

For me autumn has always been a season of beginning, of possibility. I know as surely as I burn and never tan, the years ahead are going to be the best yet. Not just because I am a Virgo, and we tend to be late bloomers, but I believe the best years are always the last years. I felt more like somebody in the Eighth grade than in the Third. When I reached high school I couldn’t wait to become a senior. As a senior I felt wise and accomplished and grown up.

Now that I am once again a senior, in the autumn of my life, I look to the future with the anticipation of a schoolgirl. I am taking my unfulfilled dreams out of the attic and dusting them off. One lifelong dream is about writing. Through the years, time and again friends, family and teachers have complimented my writing skill. Recently, I gathered my nerve, and with an "I have nothing to lose!" cheer, submitted these words to Northwest Prime Time, and received my first acceptance letter.

Everyone has unfulfilled dreams. What are yours? It is never too late. The last years might be the best years. Take out your dreams and dust them off. Autumn is a good time for beginnings.

*** This piece was originally published last September in the local Senior Monthly of Diana's home town. "Northwest Prime Time" has granted me permission to publish it again on this web site.

By Diana Mercedes(






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