Early in the morn, walking alone,
savoring the early solitude, enjoying the lilac aromas,
morning changing from quiet to quite busy.

Rows of lilacs, different colors along the route,
hanging over the fences, delineating certain yards,
exuding their beauty while, emitting that sweet essence,
nature in its glory, free to behold and to savor.

Light purple, nearly blue, some white, all shades in between.
Their loveliness before the sun rises, a bit dark, more daring the colors,
Essences emitted all along the road I travel.

Stop and take in a large clump, move on to another,
take a quick whiff, back to walking.
Looking further ahead, wondering what will be beheld,
Mother Nature’s wonderland, along those roads.

Close your eyes and remember her, oh so long ago,
remember when you kissed her, as the lilac's essence filled the air.
Their essence giving her, that heavenly air,
that memory you still carry, so close to you.

Some stretches of yard, each year are fantastic,
seething of beauty while stimulating the nose.
reviving thoughts and remembrances,
bringing her back for that special kiss.

Come and go, do not linger,
Enjoy their own aura, drawing ooohs and aaaahs!
Incite the olfactory senses, turn our thoughts to love,
Such an aid in savoring, the wonders of spring.

Alas, all too soon the blooms will be gone,
leaving only green leaves with remembrances of their beauty,
Remembrances of a love lost, of spring lilac time,
Leaving us until next spring, with fading what could have been.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)









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