Monday Morning Walk

I hear the doves a cooing, are they a wooing,
walking from the yard, up the muddy lane.
Dawn is breaking, daylight arriving,
my thoughts and feelings thriving.

I hear the calves a bawling,
off in the deep grassy lea.
To the north, calves a suckling
from the long horn mothers.

The blue sky so vast as I look about,
clear blue in one direction,
small colored clouds to the northeast,
large pinkish blue one to the west.

My heart lifts up as sweet notes I hear,
two separate meadowlarks singing their refrain.
Sweet and melodious they are, as I stop and listen.
the calves stop bawling at their sweet songs.

Their sweet refrain makes me smile,
makes me forget the pain,
I eagerly listen to each distinct note,
wonder what they are saying.

Then a distant noise I hear, it is way up high,
a jetliner way up there crosses the broad sky.
A car, a truck, a motorcycle break the spell of the morning.
Ah tis another day, people have to go to work.

By Tom (









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