The challenge was to incorporate the following words in a poem.

loo, coo, moo, boo, zoo, too

Went to the bathroom fittings store,
Saw loos in colors scattered round the floor,
Loo sitters were testing for oval or round
Thought I, I think I’m leaving this town.

Out in the country I drove by some lines,
Doves perched in a row above the ivy vines,
Oh, how I love their mournful coo.
But I can’t tarry, there’s driving to do.

Texas farms are owned by friendly folks,
Its landscape sports many big live oaks,
Under their arms are cuddled moos,
Brahmas, Charolais and Herefords, too.

Here at the Wildlife Park are Ostrich faces,
They boo in your car window in certain places,
Now their faces pressed on the window pane,
Can scare a driver into the wrong car lane.

The Wildlife park is an open zoo,
With lions and tigers looking at you,
Except for the fences it’s like Africa land,
But don’t touch the animals with the palm of your hand.

Now I put “too” in another verse,
And I suppose it should have its own to converse,
So this is the “too” verse to be complete,
By now I know I’ve put you to sleep.

© By Norma (

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