way back in the forties and fifties
a post card was a delight to receive
they were the fad
that was not bad

it was a good thing to get in your box
much much better than a sly fox
what was written on those lines
was private and usually divine

some were from lovers
sisters and brothers
mothers and fathers
sons and daughters

friends and foe
they would always go
into your box
some had pictures of locks

some cards were fancy
others had horses prancing
some had dogs
some had hogs

i kept a lot of postcards from back then
i kept them from mom and my friend
some have two cents stamps on them
some have the twin towers in new york
when i looked at it i blew my cork

a keeper for sure of what happened that day
it will always make me sad in a way
because all of my family went there one day
it was sept the first not the eleventh i prayed

so much for post cards i keep them here
in a chest that to me is so dear
once in a while i get nostalgic a bit
take them out and have a lil fit

so on a rainy day when you are feeling down
take them out and smile and frown
at what used to be in the past
keep them post cards make them last

By Amy (Fabulousfilly@aol.com)



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