Cherry blossoms drift
where spring breezes carry them.
Our lives swirl away.


Clear blue summer skies
ripped by thunder and lightning.
The path twists and turns.


Triumph and defeat
reflected in fall foliage.
Win, lose – no matter.


Soft snowflakes descend
and cover all in quiet.
Toil comes to an end.

© By John Koelsch (

John was recently awarded a First Place Medal at the National Level by the 2009 National Veterans Creative Arts Competition for his Duologue “The Interview”. He also received First Place at the local level for his poem “Forever In Black” and for selected poems under the title Harvest of War (Harvest – Up That Hill – Grunts). Following service in the U.S. Army in Vietnam, John earned B.A. in Political Science and MPA Degrees. He worked in Public Management for 30+ years. He writes novels, short stories, and poetry. He recently completed editing of Mickey 6 his novel about his Vietnam experiences. John currently resides in Salem, Virginia with his wife Nancy Wheeler. They are co-authoring a novel.








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