Simple Life

Here's how I'd like to simplify
The high life that I am leading:
A small efficiency I'd try,
Sparcely furnished, nothing needing.

I'd have no name on the mail box,
So I wouldn't expect much mail.
All I'd need, within a few blocks,
So, rarely, a taxi I'd hail.

No gas guzzling car for me,
And forget about restaurants.
I could live without a TV.
Absolutely no lawn or plants.

A minimum of clothing, too,
Perhaps bought at the Goodwill store.
Second-hand would certainly do -
So what if they were worn before.

I'd throw away every pill,
And drop all of the doctors quick.
Seems each prescription that I fill
Adds to a mind-boggling mix.

No lawyer would I ever need,
Despite those free consultations.
It's become clear to me their greed
Exploits clients' situations.

I'd likely become a recluse,
And hang around the library,
Where their computers I could use,
Reading books and newspapers free.

I would never give my own name,
No license or photo I.D.
That way the police couldn't blame
Law infractions on the real "me".

Even if they sent me to jail,
It wouldn't bother me a bit,
Unless the light for reading failed,
In the simple cell where I'd sit.

By Richard McCusker(


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