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A few soft white puff clouds wafting across the sky.....

Soft White Puff Clouds

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)

A few soft white puff clouds
Wafting across a clear blue sky
There's Mister Raven
Soaring along quite high

Insignificant me watches
As bunny babies frolic in yard
Roadrunner chasing butterflies
Acting such a silly card

Ten little babies following
Mama and papa Quail
Human family across roadway
Being greeted by pup with wagging tail

Mockingbird atop telephone pole
Singing in beautiful voice
Cactus wren catching bugs
In life he seems to rejoice

A few soft white puff clouds
Wafting across a clear blue sky
We down here on earth
Enjoying nature with pleasurable sigh

White Puffy Clouds

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

A few white puffy clouds, wafting across the sky,
big old wide blue sky, running horizon to horizon,
made me stop and just look, those four small powder puff clouds,
wondering if they would disappear, or join to make a thunder boomer?

Moving rapid, see them go, my oh my, do they flow,
no contrails with which to compete,
just themselves with me a-watching,
those white puffy clouds wafting across that big blue enormous sky.

Makes one stop and think, wishing they could fly or float,
just lazily float along singing a happy song.
Sitting on a cloud and watching the world go by,
dreaming of how it could have been.

Soft White Puff Clouds

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)

A few soft white puff clouds wafting across the sky.
I watch them wondering just why...
I feel as if there's something else happening here.
First time in weeks the sky has been clear.

There's that bright light in the air again.
The sun? I watch it start to wane.
Those puffy little clouds are fleeing fast.
Thought it was too good to last.

Sounds like there's thunder grumbling.
Even the bees have stopped the bumbling.
Onto my nose there drops with a splat,
Rain again, and that is that!

Soft White Puff Clouds

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)

A few soft white puff clouds wafting across the sky makes me think who else is looking up at them, surely not just I.
Wonder how many are looking up at this very same sky?

Can they see these clouds out in Texas, or maybe down in Alabam?
Can they view them just like me where I am?

A few soft white puff clouds in a sky full of heat and humidity on this June day.
They are off in the distance, hardly visible in the haze of a hot Summer day where even the children aren't outside at play

Soft White Puff Clouds

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

Soap bubble clouds
Ride a cotton ball bed
Drifting and shifting
Above Starbird's Tennessee head.

Would that I were flying above
Snow white puff clouds of goose down,
Freely and coolly and peacefully,
Above summer sun's searing frown

Soft White Puff Clouds

By Cottage Lady (Patience@bresnan.net)

A few soft white puffy clouds
Wafting across the sky
Made her think of dinner
For, my, she was very hungry.

Along with her pork tenderloin
She was serving stacks
Of newly whipped white potatoes
Mounded with melted butter.

Dessert was going to be
Succulent strawberries
On home made shortcake
And mounds of fresh whipped cream.

Soft White Puff Clouds

By Mercedes (writerworks@live.com)

A few soft white puff clouds wafting across the sky,
A vapor trail streaking behind a silver bird
Bound for exotic isles - white beaches -
The sand so fine it squishes like sugar between your toes.

Who knows what dreams are spun in the desert sky
So vast, so endless, inspiring you to leave it all behind
And cruise east on the Interstate, AC blasting...
CD cranked up to "We have to shout to each other!"

Where are we headed, Vegas? Maybe.
Or maybe we'll turn south toward Death Valley.
The road ahead stretches to infinity,
Alluringly empty, like the sky above,

You feel the earth is yours, if only for a few hours
Until you reach the next town and your mood shifts down
Having to share the space with strangers...in a hurry
That pushy energy so rampant today, like a virus,
"There is not enough time," "Not enough money."
Not enough, not enough.

"Well enough!" Let's get away to the desert to chill,
We'll drive by night, stop by the side of the road
To feast on cold chicken and potato salad.
You'll name the constellations, your arm around me
My skirt billowing in the warm midnight breeze
And we'll fall in love all over again.

Soft White Puff Clouds

By Marilyn (LaraOct7@aol.com)

"Sailboats, Daddy. I see sailboats".
Daddy hugs his five-year old daughter and says,
"I see Momma bear, Papa bear, and Baby Bear."
"Oh Daddy," she giggles. "They can't be bears, they don't have paws."

Mother comes out and joins her husband and daughter.
"What do you see up there, Momma? Daddy sees bears."
Mother studies a moment. "I see the Jolly Green Giant."
"But Momma, the Jolly Green Giant is green, not white!"

"White?" Mother says, feigning surprise. She glances at Father, who smiles.
"Well...." Mother added, "the Jolly Green Giant must have had too much milk to drink this morning."
The little girl giggled so hard she nearly fell out of the hammock.
"Which reminds me," Mother said, "It's time for lunch."


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