Tinges of Fall in the Air

Tinges of fall blow strong
Out on the west Texas borders,
Zinnias and hollyhocks hang in a while,
Cottonwoods still green the corridors.

It is old Father Bluster the herald with
Dust devils stinging school bounders,
Dark steel blue low hung skies
Meet ochre horizons far. far yonder.

Whistling winds changng hot to chill,
Fill houses for housewives' dusting,
Wind wafting smells of back-home food,
Wind twirling, wind rolling, wind mouth-gritting gusting.

© By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)


Tinges of Fall in the Air

Depending on what part of this great land you live in, Fall could be in the air.
I love to view the Fall leaves, just drink them in and stare.

It has that feeling, that special feel, take a deep breath and it is so real.
Burning leaves, light jackets, wood smoke and delectable treats, a great Autumn meal.

That cool air brings out the need to bake because it has been too hot to turn on the oven, and cold has prevailed.
Now, there is a chill in the air, and the aroma of a good roast is ready to be inhaled.

Roads lined with the rich shades of Autumn are waiting to be explored.
So pack a picnic basket and load up the old Ford.

© By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)


Special Feeling in the Air

Yes I know, anyone can tell,
today is only the second day of August.
But early this morn as I walk up the road,
it has that special Wyoming feel of fall.

Other places fall comes later,
other places it gets much hotter.
But by golly, by dang I say,
there is some special about the feeling of fall.

Yeah, how well I know,
we freeze up and snow before
most of you quit wearing sandals and shorts,
yes, snow in May and September ainít at all strange to us.

But now we have that special feeling,
no more hot summer days, no more stifling heat,
now we have warm fall days and cooler nights,
that something special about this area.

So laugh and tell me I am crazy, that is OK,
but I love these special days as the days grow shorter,
for less than a month it is football season,
then later in September we will get frost and snow.

© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)


Tinges of Fall in the Air

Fall, is downhill from summer
Look, there she's waiting
In the shadows by the creek,
A chill in her air, a squeeze of lime
In your August Tom Collins
A suggestion more than a presence,
Deja vu, familiar and cool she
Stalks the heat that withers.
Humidity limp and malignant
Strains willpower. Relief is on the way
Daylight dwindling imperceptibly
We move inexorably toward the
Mirage on the horizon, Fall.

© By Diana Mercedes (writerworks@live.com)


Tinges of Fall in the Air

I think of a time when fog would creep up from the river
and crawl over the cornfields.
It would drape the fodder shocks so they looked like ghosts.
The world would turn white and the air would have a 'river' smell.

I think of a time when the apples would be ripe.
Ripe apples never fail to get the attention of yellow jackets.
The ground under the apple trees would be covered with
apples, and if they weren't gathered up, they would rot.

I think of a time when the first frost would put
lace on the bushes. Leaves of red and gold would
have a fuzzy white collar.
The morning air would be sharp and clean.

I think of a time when Momma and Poppa would announce
that it was apple butter time.
A big copper-lined kettle would be brought out and
apples would be peeled and cored.
A big fire would be built and the stirrer would be put to work.
The air would smell of cinnamon and alspice.

© By Marilyn (LaraOct7@aol.com)


Tinges of Fall in the Air

It don't feel like fall just yet.
Seems New Jersey is too wet.
April showers still are here.
Summer's kind of late this year.

© By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)


Tinges of Fall in the Air

The feel of fall is not in the air
Summer is long of this I swear
Not till October will Fall appear
It's Hot until that time of year

© By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)




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