yesterday I walked a lot
went to a festival, saw a tot
playing in a fountain oh so clear
I snapped a picture, oh dear oh dear

then I went and walked some more
through the exhibits, and I opened a door
went inside
to my surprise

native american culture on display.
my I had such a busy day
no holes in my soles
but oh my lord
my toe is poking through the top
soon it will go plop, plop, plop.

then a new pair I will buy
but until then I'll get by
walking along
singing my song

oh dear I wonder what you will do
where you will go, are you happy or blue
today there is rain
that is a shame

we love the raindrops here in the west
rarely get them to that I can attest
so I will dig out my bumbershoot
and maybe my boot

get outside to smell the fresh air
humming my tune with out a care
hope I see you there ..

By Amy (

Monday Morning Walk


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