It seems like just yesterday
I put my winter things away.
Now I'm digging them out again
Weather's chilly and lots of rain.

I remember Spring I think.
Seems it passed in a wink.
Summer never really got here.
Even though it seemed to be near.

The calendar said it was Summer.
But cold rain made it a bummer.
Electric bill was very low.
No Air conditioner needed to blow.

Couldn't hang the wash outside
Because it never would have dried.
Cats stayed in the house,
Too rainy to chase a mouse.

Didn't have to cut the lawn,
It was underwater by the dawn.
We thought it would have been nice
If we'd known sooner coulda grown rice.

I'll put away my shorts and sandals.
Pull out sweater and holiday candles.
The quilt's already on the bed.
Last night I pulled it over my head.

I'll hardly notice when it's freezing.
All this summer I've been sneezing.
I'd like to make a reservation.
And go right now into hibernation.

By Swampetta (

Happy Autumn Things

Nightingstorm (several authors)


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