Wide Awake Dreams

I love a lazy day without goal or aim
without thoughts of loss or thoughts of gain
whether the weather is cool or hot to scorch
just let me have time to sit on my porch

I love not having to mow the lawn
not having to suppress a stretch or yawn
a day when I can do anything I want
like sprawl on the porch swing, nonchalant

I love a day I can relax and read
do what I want, and forget what I need
I can walk thru the woods or the beach by the hour
or dance on the grass in a warm summer shower

I love a day that is totally mine
from responsibility I will resign
a day devoted to nothing but pleasure
a day so sublime I can always treasure

I love a day to sit and dream
of these lovely hours in life's grand scheme
wide awake dreams of everything
flit thru my mind on the old porch swing

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)








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