With Her

I held her hand, it was so warm,
we walked along the garden path.
The morning still dark, night around,
stars all shining in the giant sky.

I felt her near, so secure,
smiling and smug, I surely was.
She and I close as we walked,
our feelings mutual, not having to talk.

Walking past the garden gate,
walking past the property boundaries,
out the road, out the lane,
she and I holding hands, as one.

Oh too quickly the morning came,
the sky growing light, just before the sun.
The two of us in our own world,
tacitly hoping she knew I cared.

It was over way too soon,
she going her way, me going home.
Me aching and wishing I could go with her,
knowing kismet had thrown me a curve.

I remember those mornings,
I remember those dawns,
oh how lovely they really were,
she and I together as one.

Now I walk that path alone,
realizing our love could never be.
With heartfelt pain, I remember,
what I wished, what I wanted.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)


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