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By Marilyn (

Hollyhock or Hollyhocks. In your imagination, do you see a row of hollyhocks growing straight and tall? Maybe you see a cottage with hollyhocks in the yard. Does the word 'Hollyhock' sound like a person's name? The name of a flower shope? A boutique?

Perhaps your parents or your grandparents grew hollyhocks. Maybe YOU grow hollyhocks. My parents grew hollyhocks when we lived in the country. I remember pink and yellow hollyhocks growing by the chicken house.

In days past, country people swapped seeds from their garden and many still do today. This is off the topic, but last spring my neighbor gave me sunflower seeds and today I have a row of tall stalks and big yellow faces.

TomWYO sent me seeds from his hollyhock patch and the picture I used for this page is a photograph of his Wyoming hollyhocks. What can you do with this topic? Have fun with it. We look forward to your entry.

LaraOct7. (


By Joy (

When day is finally winding down
And evening dew is on the ground
I sit upon my wicker chair
And breathe the fresh cool night air

Fireflies flitter high above
I see small critters on the move
The sun descends beyond my view
I sit and muse and think of you

You who made the garden grow
So beautiful with rake and hoe
And now you've left me here to cry
And ponder all the reasons why

You had to leave me suddenly
Before the time that we could be
Together in this lovely place
The Hollyhocks before my face

But fate has willed it, so I must
Put all I wished into the trust
That we will be together there
In Heaven's I prepare


By Sharon (

I have never seen a hollyhock
And most likely won't ever see them
In the desert they don't grow
But I hear they grow for Old Clem

They're pretty in a picture for sure
As most flowers tend to be
Too bad they don't grow in desert
For this gal to enjoy and see

Did Holly have to hock something
To buy the seed to grow
Guess it takes a sturdy plant
To pop up where there is snow

What did Holly hock to buy the seed
To grow Hollyhock in a field so stern
It just doesn't grow in my yard
Durn Durn Durn Durn!


By Bob (

It's been a while since I was young
And saw these flowers tall
I wasn't very much impressed
at all , at all , at all -

But now when more mature, I see
The beauty they display
And realize how little I
Could see in their array.

For in those years I failed to see
So many things I should-
I'd go back now and see again
Each single thing I could.

So now I thank the hollyhock
and picture I've seen late
For waking me to see what now
I can appreciate.

Oh, Hollyhock, though you were spurned
by one so young, naive;
You've helped to open eyes anew
and to, anew, believe!

Hollyhock Hedge

By Phyllis Ann (

Grandma planted lovely Hollyhocks in front of the garbage cans.
The alley was used for utility trucks and garbage trucks which fit the city's plans.

The cans were lined with newspaper and filled with Coal Oil for those hot summer days,
But all we saw were the Hollyhocks standing tall against the Summer sun's hot rays.

Up and down the alley the trucks rumbled along on their appointed rounds.
We didn't see but Hollyhocks against the smell and sounds.

Lovely flowers to disguise unsightly scenes of grime and dirt.
We love you and salute you as with the breeze you flirt.

The Hollyhock Pen

By Doris (

We have a border collie
and he's a pip, by golly!
He'd bark and run around
When e're he'd hear a sound!

His fence we'd need to block
With tall sprays of hollyhock
The flowers worked quite well
Even blocking doggie smell!


By Cottage Lady (

Lovely Hollyhocks,
Nectar full of sweet bounty,
Nature's Lollipops.


Diana Mercedes (

Hollyhock stalks
Tall as a ladder,
Each rung a bloom
Reaching as one
As if they cannot
Get close enough
To the sun.

Holly Hocks

Tom (

Tall and skinny like a spear
with lots of perpendicular flowers a-blooming
Jack and the beanstalk to an ant
up and up they grow toward the clear blue sky

Tower above all other flowers, even the giant sunflower,
bloom and bloom some more, late in summer it begins
blooms a-climbing as it grows, how tall will it grow?
will an ant reach the top?

Holly hocks, dear holly hocks oh so tall,
beauty you bring to any yard.
Around the barn, even the sty
oh the glory of your blooms, oh the variegated colors.

Dresses for a little girl’s ballerina,
antennae for a boy’s satellites
oh how they are used in play,
still the beauty they pervade

Plant a seed give it some water
perennials they are along with the beauty.
Stop and look, reminisce and if you are lucky
lots of smiles you will get.

Hardy Garden's Hollyhocks

Norma (

Living in a town of colors, I
Moved from one house to another,
Gold, green, white and yellow,
Adobe, bricks or other.

Sunday we would pile into the Chevvy,
Have a Seven Up as an afternoon treat,
Daddy went in for coffee,
Mama and I drank, baby sister asleep.

Mama liked to fix up a house,
And move on to the next poor one,
In another life she’d probably have been
A traveling salesman’s woman.

Fourteen pretty colored houses
Had one thing each in common,
Hollyhocks were the clinging backdrop
Climbing the walls toward the sun.

Red against green or blue or gold,
Their colors alive, beautiful and bold,
Zinnias in front, then little tiny thrift,
Hollyhock mamas watching garden’s all.

In one yard, the back was full of castor bean trees and sunflowers. We often had sunflowers out back. Good thing mother didn't try to make castor oil. She could have, you know. She could make just about anything.


Swampetta (

Holly hocks, I have not.
Dandelions, an awful lot.
No matter how many the seeds
If I plant them they turn into weeds.

I guess that I am not a farmer.
Nor am I a snake charmer.
But if I had cobras in my grass....
They'd look like dandelions, you bet your azz!


Marilyn Terwilleger (

In the golden glories of dawn
stands the red hollyhocks,
with leaping sun and glancing rain
the tender petals bloom.

Their bright beauty enchants the morn
while splendid gardens gleam.
They wave in slightest breath of wind
but stand erect in gloom.

He planted hollyhocks seeds in spring,
to make you smile, he said.
Now every time they bloom again
I love him even more.

Hollyhock Dolls

Brier (



By Lilly (

Good morning to my lovely hollyhocks
How beautiful you look in my back yard
Had planted seeds in the flower bed
You never disappoint me every Spring
tall and sturdy stalks come upright
Bring me a boquet of colorful flowers
Gives me a happy face and makes me smile
To enjoy super wonderful days

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