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Last Days of Summer

By Marilyn (

The last days of summer are here and in my part of the country I can see the signs. For one thing, the days are shorter. Also, I can go outside in the evenings and hear the cicadas, a sure sign that the summer season is waning.

In my county the school children will begin a new year next week. Families are returning from their summer vacations. I didn't get to the beach this year, but after Labor Day there will be a big difference in the price of a motel for the night.

Tree leaves have been lush and green this summer but they'll be taking on hues of red, rust and yellow in a few weeks. Trees have a calender the same as us and they know when the changes will take occur.

What are the last days of summer like in your area? Perhaps you're one of those who enjoys summer year round. You might tell us about that, or you might want to use your imagination and write from the viewpoint of summer itself. How summer sees humans? Now that would be a switch. lol

We look forward to your entry.

LaraOct7. (

The Last Days of Summer

By susi Taylor (

One would have thought that the last days of Spring
would to us, hot days of summer bring,
but alas, those hot days have been few and far between
and this has been the shortest summer that I have seen

Of course there have been days of sun and blue skies
but Mother Nature has saved the hot days as a surprise
The last days of summer are here and moving fast
And it won't be very long before these days are past

I'd better get all the porch swing sitting that I can
There hasn't been a whole lot since summer began
It won't be long before Fall and Winter work will start
And the last days of summertime swiftly will depart

Farewell to Summer
(Farewell to Summer; Hello Autumn

By Phyllis Ann (

Let me ease into the Fall of the year gradually if you please.
Let me still feel some warmth in the Indian Summer breeze.

Iím not quite ready for the leaves to turn amber and red.
Let me savor my Summer before Winter I have to dread.

Autumn seems to go so quickly as the trees turn black and bare.
I long for my Summer as at the bleak sky I stare.

Spring is so chancy with its rain and its hail.
Getting to Summer seems to take forever as over the months I sail.

Summer donít make a hasty retreat.
Please give me a few more days of sunshine and heat.

Last Days of Summer

By Amy (

summer never ends here
or so it seems to be
heat lasts through october we try to be of good cheer
until the temperature dips below 103

until then its hot
whether we like it or not
but about this time
we get sublime

we get lazy and don't go out
not even up north to catch a trout
we get cranky now and then
we want cool temps, and a breeze again

then comes october the temps fall
we freeze our butts off and that's not all
we're not used to seventy degrees
and then we freeze

Lazy Summer Days

By Amy (

oh those lazy crazy hazy dayze
of hot august nights
we'd go walking after midnight
along the yellow brick road
looking for our yellow submarine or a crazy toad

there was dancing in the streets
to the sound of teen beat
surfin usa across the land
now let's strike up a new band

end of summer here comes fall
back to school well we had a ball
way down yonder in new orleans
where the guys met their queens

took them to palasades park
hoping maybe makin out after dark
hoping for one last kiss
now what did you all think of this

did i take you way way back
i know it could use a little tact
but what the hay
this is a crazy lazy summer day

and that is all i have to say

Autumn Knocks

By Joy (

Summer is impatient
It comes full tilt with heat and color

Light and sounds and colors
Spin around and dazzle the eye

Traffic flows in an unceasing stream
And friends fill our weekend hours

Frantic pace of leisure activities
Leave no time for leisure

Suddenly there is a quiet in the air
Dark descends earlier tonight and we feel a chill

Summer slips away on a cool rain
Branches bend and scrape the screen

I clutch the shawl and lower the window
As Autumn knocks

Last Days of Summer

By Sharon (

Oh how I hate to make way for Fall
Tis not the way it should be at all
Why should I have to give up my throne
Who says the leaves must drop and be blown

I know that children love me the best
Fun in the sun and all of the rest
They splash in the local swimming pool
Play all day instead of going to school

Oh how I hate to make way for Fall
And soon after that Winter will call
I am the warmth of the Summer sun
Much better for all to enjoy fun

Now the mornings are cooler and dark
Children don't play all day in the park
Leaves will soon change color and then die
No more sunshine warmth from such as I

I am Summer now you hear me cry
I'd like to stay but I shall not try
I am Summer and I'm heading out
Soon Fall will be following you about

It is Nigh

By Tom (

Tinges of yellow are sneaking in,
aspen soon will be golden.
Sunrise is definitely later
sunsets are arrive much quicker.

That special feeling is in the air,
though the days are still very hot.
But that feel makes us smile,
soon hot mulled cider and roasted chestnuts.

Robinís coat is fading fast,
hawks are beginning to move this way,
soaring around looking for a meal,
little bugs are definitely scampering from here to there.

Foliage has turned that dark green,
soon mother nature will take over,
everything will take their fall colors.
Soon frost will be nipping our noses.

Leaves turning brown, need a coat,
raking and cussing to the forefront.
Ah tis cooler, fall is here,
wow the mums are pretty this year!

Memories of Last Days of Summer

By Cottage Lady (

A reprise of childhood memories,
the end of summer days,

leaving the feel of warm sand between toes,
and sight of sunlit ocean on rocky shore,

returning to hot August city streets,
that special smell of heat,

coming off the pavement and
shimmering in New York City air,

acquiring new navy blue wool uniforms
to walk to school in still warm September days,

lunch boxes with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,
thermos of milk an apple and some Oreos,

new briefcase, binders, notebooks, pens,
pencils and taste of new textbooks on the tongue,

getting ready for another school year
September is here.

Last Days of Summer

By Doris (

Oh, where is summer's end?
The end to heat and humidity
Give me fall and winter
And I'll be fancy free!

The colors of the leaves
On the trees in fall
Are brighter than the flowers
On the garden wall.

Autumn's cooling breezes
And skies of azure blue
Are what I'm waiting for
Soon as summer's through!

Last Days of Summer

By Diana Mercedes (

For every memory
One leaf will drop
And be swept away
But don't mourn the last days of summer
You will remember them better than they were
The sun brighter, the breezes softer
The images sanded smooth and lacquered
A jewel box of treasures
The heart and mind
Has purified for your winter leisure.

Last Days of Summer

By Norma (

Late summer breezes, sneezes
Ragweed in bloom, little children
Big and little canít sit still in a
Early school room.

How tired the plants, the ants,
Squirrels testing green nuts,
Ruts cluttered with ďthingsď in
Walking paths.

Rolling midnight thunder breaking,
Waking heat-interrupted slumber,
But welcome by thirsting grass,
A quick pass.

Paper flyers stuck in doors,
Floors crying for fall waxing,
Mail box holding estimates
For county taxing.

A chill in the soul
As mean winterís cold,
Arms folded in the wings, lurking,
For blasting.

Pianissimo from hot summer
Crescendo, repeats the rhythm
Of lifeís musical heartís

Leaves Unfasten

By Marilyn Terwilleger (

The Summer sun forgot to shine
and flowers droop without the heat
while leaves unfasten waft and drop.

The hail with crystals skip and pop
as roots begin to waste in peat,
the rose with petals rust on vines.

A glass thatís stemmed I fill with wine,
in sorrowís voice I cry defeat
and wish incessant rain would stop.

My willow tree with arms and top
is standing silent while asleep,
my garden waits for Fall divine.

I know the Autumn hues will stay
until the Summerís healing ray.


By Emiliano (

Summer came and went
just like the other Seasons
have done in the past
leaving behind memories
that crossed the "t's" of our lives.

Last Days of Summer

By Mary Carter Mizrany (

In our neck of the woods, Summer lingers
far into Fall and sometimes even into Winter:-)

When Summer IS finally over, the trees take on
brillant hues of red, gold, yellow, burnt orange and
brown. They are beautiful, and, I am reminded of
the old song, Autumn Leaves.

My husband allows the leaves to lay for a longer
period so I may see them decorating the ground.
Isn't he sweet to do that for me ~ ha~ha !!!

We live near Houston, Texas where Winter is
almost non~existent. Perhaps in late December,
January and part of February we have some cold days.

When I think of the East with the many icy cold days
there, I am grateful for the weather in our clime.

May ALL of you remember those warm Summer days
as Winter's cold breath assaults you.

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