A child cries as he kneels to pray
hear my prayers I pray this day
my family is poor and we need your touch
help us Father..we need so much.

His Dad is sad and lost his will
there is no money to pay the bills
as he looks at his Mom..eyes filled with tears
there will be no Christmas for us this year.

His little sister..her name is Sue
a beautiful girl..she just turned two
dresses for bed and all she knows
there is an emptiness..as her hunger grows.

His Mother weeps in her heart this day
as she watches her son kneel to pray
he asks not for presents as a child should
but food for the table and a Christmas thats good.

The doorbell rings..his Mother answers the door
a man with food and presents galore
with a tear on his cheek I hear the little boy say
Thank You Dear Lord for listening today.

Let no child be hungry this Christmas.

By Mike Ruggles (Ibromantic2@aol.com)

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