The corner of the old farm,
Two walnut trees command a presence.
Horses grazing, work is done,
Resting up for the spring plowing.

Barbed wire fence getting old,
Been there for three generations or more,
Locust posts that they used,
Lasted for a lot of years.

Light snow covers the ground,
Pasture is getting in pretty bad shape,
But soon, yes I smile,
Spring will come bringing rejuvenation.

Just a country scene, with fond memories,
As it has been for many a year.
Just on the other side of the walnut trees,
The family cemetery is awaiting me.

Love this land, love it all,
But I am starting to hate the cold.
Old joints ache, they sure do,
But it is and will be home to me.

ŠtomWYO, 022108

By Tom (


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