My name is Phoebe. Iím new here. I came with my family from across the sea in Ireland.

I am 15 and started high school last Fall. Even when you know people and have friends and a history together, freshman year is hard. When you donít know anyone, come from a foreign country and donít know the ways of Americans, it makes you vulnerable. Maybe that is why I was chosen.

In the halls, out on the street and online they found me, bumped into me Ďaccidentallyí so I would drop my books, threw soda cans at me from car windows as I walked along. And the online attacks, well, there was no stopping them. It went on for months. When other kids tried to defend me they were targeted too. These kids are achievers, athletes, scholarship material. After the stories were told, one investigator said the bullying was more like persecution. My parents came to the school and talked with the staff, but nothing was done.

I donít blame anyone. It is too late for blame. I have found peace in another place.

If you have a moment, think of me and say a prayer, if you are so inclined. Be silent a moment, for my parents and my little sister who found me, and for everyone who has lost their way.

© By Diana Mercedes (

April 1st


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