candy canes
"You know it, Babe"
snow and ice

Members of the message board were challenged to choose words or phrases from the list above to create a poem or story.

Candy Canes

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

We had a quarrel, we had a fight,
things nearly got out of sight.
she wanted pink, me blue,
dang those lights anyway.

Gave her a candy cane,
peppermint one it really was.
we laughed, hugged, kissed and made up,
then we used only green lights.

I pinched her bum, she pulled my beard,
She said you are my “Only man.”
We hugged as I did reply,
“You know it, Babe.” She turned out the lights.

snow and ice all around,
we laughed as we just stayed in bed.
Heat down low, loving so hot,
my old heart was gong tick, tick, tock.

Wondered if Medicare would cover my demise,
she is that hot a woman.
But old age did us in,
we cuddled close and slept till ten.

“oooxxx” she put on the package of vitamins,
we were one, it did not matter.
our love has been long and deep,
today we only enhanced it.

Never too old, never too feeble,
to be close and be in love.
It has kept us through hard times,
it will carry us to the end.

Candy Canes

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)

You know Babe, It seems to me
That you ate the candy hung on the tree
It's no longer there that I can see

What did you do with my candy cane
Did you eat it just to drive me insane?
Sometimes to my neck you are a pain

And that was how the quarrel did start
That was when she called him Old Fart
After all those years would they then part?

In anger he slammed the door in her face
Charging out into snow and ice at fast pace
Fell as down the porch steps he did race

She called an ambulance for that grouchy old bear
Good thing they were insured by medicare
Neighbors came and stood to stare

He wasn't badly hurt it seemed
With hugs and kisses she beamed and beamed
Bought him more candy and love redeemed

Candy Canes

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)

Grandma and Grandpa were having a quarrel about their supplement to Medicare for the New Year.
There wasn't much levity, and there wasn't much cheer.

The Candy Canes were hung around the tree in anticipation that little sticky fingers would devour them at will.
In the air there was a frosty December chill.

Grandpa finally got in the Christmas spirit when he went in town to buy a few stocking stuffers for the children at the children's home down the street.
He saw some warm slippers that would be great for little feet.

Their eldest daughter stopped by their house with a few gifts to give them, but Grandpa had already left for the home.
She went on down and Grandpa saw her there as he was talking to the Administrator, who was quite the doll and could make a 'feller' want to roam.

His daughter heard him say, "You know it, Babe".
What would Grandma think of such talk from an old man like her husband, Abe.

"There is no fool like an old fool", Grandma had often said out loud.
Grandpa's behavior would not make her proud.

The Administrator just laughed and gave the children a wink.
She knew old men often flirted and acted like young bucks, especially with her and down at the local ice skating rink.

Snow and ice didn't keep the old 'fellers' from feeling their oats.
Just some silly men acting like what they were, "old goats".

Grandma was busy making cookies back at the house,
And daughter slipped in quiet as a mouse.

"Mom just thought you would like to know that Daddy is down at the Home flirting with the Administrator again while delivering the Christmas stocking stuffers for the children for Christmas morn.
"You know what I always say, There is no fool like an old fool, been saying it since you were born."

oooxxx and a Merry Christmas to All!

Candy Canes

By Diana Mercedes(writerworks@live.com)

You can’t quarrel with Medicare. They have all the answers, more than all the answers stored in maginificent cyber databases that in my day would have been friendly file cabinets, each clerk took a turn and they were good for leaning on when you were finishing up your cake donut and coffee, listening to Gladys worrying about her oldest daughter’s love life now that she is growing boobs.

“He sends her these love notes with oooxxx and xxxooo SWAK on the back for heaven sakes. She came home dangling a sterling silver necklace after their day at the beach with the 4-H.”

“We hardly speak anymore, she thinks she is grown and up there is no need for parents . This is how we communicate; snow, ice and silence. Now he has asked her to this Candy Cane Lane dance.”

“Well, she is pretty little thing.”

“You're not helping Horace. You don’t have kids, you do know how hard it is to protect them. Fourteen is not old enough to go to a Senior Dance with an 18 year old, not today. Before you know, they get off and on their own all roses and promises and hormones. Then reality dumps on them like snow from a roof top and they don’t know what happened.”

“I just don’t know what to do.” She looked back at the lady in her line waiting for an answer about her Medicare Premium.

“You went to the Candy Lane Dance.” He looked directly into her eyes, it was more of an accusation than a statement.

“Don’t turn this around on me, I am trying to help her avoid my mistakes. It’s a different world, she can be anything she wants to, I just want…”

“You just want life to be perfect for her.”

She became aware of him for the first time and relaxed her grip on her daughter’s future. She smiled as he drew in and pressed her arm tenderly. “You know it, Babe. Perfect.”

“What’s the best I can hope for?”

He considered this question for some moments. “To be there when she needs you. To hope she makes the right decisions and….to keep the door open so when the big decisions come knocking, she won’t hesitate to come looking for you.”

Her eyes smiled, "Thanks."

“OK, so, now can we get back to work?” Her boss enquired.

Candy Canes

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

Tommy meant “Ox and Ass” from the song,
Poor child, he has stuttered so long,
He wants to sing, dressed up for the play,
But oooxxx and aaaass were all he could say.

Cried he through snow and ice as home he trod,
Why did you make me like this, dear God,
I want to be part of the rest of the kids,
They all just laughed and flipped their lids.

Meantime Grandma and Pawpaw quarreled,
You didn’t pick insurance in time Grandma bawled,
Did, too, screamed Pawpaw, don’t like HMO’s
Medicare is the only sane way to go.

“You know it, Babe,” or you think you do,
Have it your way, I’ll have some stew,
Wonder what’s keeping Tommy, anyway,
Wish we were well enough to see his little play.

Bought him some candy canes and all,
Hope he didn’t slip and fall,
Hang ‘em on the Christmas tree
Right in front so it’s first thing he’ll see.

Stuttering Tommy pushed through the door,
Left snow and ice drippings on the floor,
Grandma and Pawpaw rushed to his side,
Gave him hugs, his tears they dried.

In the warmth of the fire, the play forgotten,
Pawpaw had said the kids were rotten,
Love by the fireplace alone these three,
Filled with joy and stew neath the Christmas tree.

From a Thank You Note

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

oooxxx on the bottom of the card,
she asked me to come over.
We were lovers long ago,
I wed another, she also,
but the flame had only smoldered.

Both all stooped, hobbling about,
both a cussing Medicare.
She used a walker and me crutches,
lost a leg in a frivolous war.

I had begun to shovel her snow,
did not know who lived there, I had just moved back,
but knew she was alone, her husband had recently passed.
Snow and ice I strived to conquer, helping everyone I could.

I cleaned her sidewalk she asked me in,
Said something, I replied, “You know it Babe,”
She dropped the coffee pot, screamed,
“Oh my God, it is you!”

I wiped my glasses and looked real close,
as I offered her a peppermint candy cane.
Tears ran down our cheeks, for then
we remembered back to fifty-two.

we had a quarrel, a real big fight,
I then went off to war.
But here we were hobbling about,
meeting each other after nearly sixty years.

I hugged her tightly we both cried,
my crutches and her walker crossed paths,
we both fell in the floor.
Now we are connected for evermore.

Just an old crippled couple,
walking together, make a strange couple.
But our love was rekindled
we will remain close forever.

Candy Canes

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)

A huge quarrel between Jane and Bill.
She said;"You won't!" and he said;"I WILL!"
It started with the candy canes.
He ate so many he had belly pains.
"You know it, babe" said he.
"I shouldn't have eaten all 43."
To the hospital through snow and ice.
When he got there they weren't very nice.
He said; "My only insurance is just Medicare.
I only have a dime so just treat me fair."
They took his dime and handed him a pill.
He said;"oooxxx, this was a thrill."
And he waved good bye as he flew out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!"

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