I travel not in high or select circles,
I walk my own path.
See and hear lots going on,
but I shun those other classes.

Walk in the park for lunch,
apple and cheese, piece of bread.
Neither fancy latte nor martini I have,
just a simple man, with simple habits.

She looked out of place, I spoke and doffed my cap,
asked if I could walk with her.
Talked about the squirrels and geese,
looked at clouds and spotted planes.

Three turns about the park we walked,
laughing, looking and very much enjoying.
A chance encounter with one from another lane,
we ended up walking and holding hands.

Did not get her name, nor where she did work,
but we two enjoyed, found we had a lot in common.
Maybe a smile and hello to all,
may lead to another, chance encounter.


Chance Encounter, II

The road was deserted as I walked along,
just ambling, on my way home.
The day had been long, the work hard.
I felt good, I had earned my pay.

I grinned as I looked up ahead,
big red car on the side of the road,
the one that had blown and whizzed by me.
I stopped to asked if I could help.

Her cell was discharged, the car had just quit.
“What can you do?” impertinently she asked.
Doffed my hat and tried my hand.
Soon she was running and gone again.

No thank you, no words at all,
just threw dirt and gravel all over me.
Next day when court convened,
there she stood looking up at me?

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)


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