In the Church, controversy and dismay,
Ever since Father Percy had his way,
Throwing back the doors and inviting scores
Of homeless folks inside to line its floors.

Then, adding extra padding to the pews,
And buying Porta-Potties they could use,
He made a kitchen of the sacristy,
Assuring oatmeal, soup and crackers free.

Frigid wintry wind didn’t reach within,
As, nightly, din of snoring would begin.
Pleased, frugal Father Percy walked each aisle,
As the heating costs at last proved worthwhile.

Parishioners were confused and upset -
At mass, just standing room could many get.
Father Percy explained, if one complained,
“Charity begins at home.” Chaos reigned!

The Vatican was asked to intercede,
Where hypocrisy outweighed poor folk’s need.
The hierarchy lived extremely well,
And feared Percy might incite a ground swell.

Just imagine if someone spread the word,
And all homeless sought church shelter. Absurd!
Why, it would be but a matter of time,
Before Church art theft became common crime.

In Rome, it was not their finest hour:
Lame rationale concerning Church power,
And need to maintain financial bases,
While prioritizing urgent cases.

To the health department a tip was sent,
And on to the zoning office it went.
Next, the city formed a new committee
That shut down Father Percy. A pity!

© By Richard McCusker (

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