December is a the round up month
Of endings and beginnings
The southern swing of sol will end
Then soon the drooling jaws of winter
Howling desolate and lonely
Beg for mercy up your street
And down your chimney

With the holidays upon us
Shoppers shop like crazed piranhas
Seems like no one got the memo
On the reason for the season.

We lose our grip on God's goodwill
Just as the mall garage is filled
Then peace and love is just a chorus
"How dare you take that spot, that's ours!"

December is a manic month
Of deadlines and to-do lists
The lights go up, libations down
The bourbon balls get passed around

Party conversation humming
Time to panic! Santa's coming!
An open house, the Church buffet
Another pound around the waist

Traffic, baking, wrapping, caroling
School gets out, the in-laws comin' in
Eight days light the bright Menorah
In Bethlehem the Child is born

A light to lead the way.
Take a breath and think of Him
The One who came
Erased our sins

Then lounge before a roaring fire
Ginger snaps and apple cider
Contemplate the old year ending
New one near, a bright new penny

Fewer flubs this time around
Empty plate, untrammeled ground
Join the noisy revelers
Then seize the brand new year - it's yours.

By Diana Mercedes Howell (




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