(Scene: apartment where man’s body was found.
Two detectives, Sue and Bill, investigating.)

“It’s murder, there is little doubt,
and a horrific one at that,”
Sue said. “Happened with the wife out,
buying tuna fish for the cat.”

The spouse had found her husband dead,
the apartment in disarray,
bloody knife lying by his head.
Slit throat assured he’d stay that way.

An empty bowl was on the floor,
Along with mud from a cat’s paws,
near the rubber flap in the door.
Sue noted the open knife drawer.

The prized Angora wasn’t here,
and nobody had seen it since.
Although those wet stains weren’t too clear,
it’s assumed that they were cat prints.

Bill said, “Seems like a burglary,
that was interrupted, I’d say.
A hurried search, most probably,
belongings thrown around that way.”

“Or the tenants weren’t neat,” smiled Sue,
not really meaning it at all.
“Well, let’s let the crime scene guys through.”
Both detectives moved to the hall.

Upstairs, they heard a sudden sound,
from a room they’d already cleared.
Up the single flight they both bound,
as pistols in their fists appeared.

They heard a window squeak nearby,
and ran on through the closest door.
Bill hollered, “Get ‘em up, real high.”
The thief dropped the cat to the floor.

“Now I’ve seen it all,” muttered Bill,
“So murder wasn’t your main game.”
The cat burglar slid off the sill.
“But you will get life, just the same.”

© By Richard McCusker (rmrickmack@aol.com)

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