Empress of the Night

At two A.M. I rule the entire world,
Because I say so.
And no one here is awake
To disagree and say no.

Some nights I slide into dreams
Happily running through flowers.
Other times sleep won't come,
Clock blinking through the hours.

Whether the light is on or off,
Wide open are my eyes.
My mind re-runs the day,
Smiles, laughs sometimes cries.

I think of old loves and absent friends.
Almost all of them I miss.
And at the hour of two A.M.,
My thoughts melt down to this.

Those days and minutes are all gone.
Left with the setting sun.
Sleep can be oft times boring.
But the moon and I can run.

I see now the tree by the window.
Dawn pinkens in the East.
Sleep is calling me.
Can I resist this beast?

Ruling this night has tired me.
I'll fall into its soft embrace.
It pulls the cover over me.
And the sun shines in my face.

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)







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