Golden Memories

Twirling, swirling, spinning in their fall
bringing Autumn memories to my recall
standing in the field with you one day
under the lone maple tree, so much to say,
but we spoke very little, just held each other tight
knowing there would not be another day, another night

the leaves fell so fast in their fury
as time passed by us in such a hurry
under the lone maple tree, I would remember
how the last time I saw you that September
off to fight a war you'd not return from
my life closed around me tight as a drum

each year the leaves fall just as they always do
nothing changes, certainly not my thoughts of you
under the lone maple, my thoughts drift away
to our time together on that last day
I have moved on and found new love again
but each September, under the tree, I remember "when"

flurrying, scurrying, the leaves fall upon the field
my life has started again, my heart has healed
under the lone maple, I say goodbye to a lad
and I remember all the good times we had
we'll be always as young as we were then
memories never age, they become golden

By susi Taylor (


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