Beth and Willy were so proud of their Halloween costumes. Beth was dressed in a frilly princess dress and wore a tiara on her curly blonde hair. Will decided to go trick or treating, wearing a Sponge Bob costume. Their mother had sewn both the outfits. Each carried a plastic jack-O-lantern basket to collect their goodies.

After dinner, Dad walked them around the neighborhood for hours. Next door, Mr. Marshall gave them candy corn. Across the road, Mrs. Jennings gave them miniature Snickers. One house gave out apples. Willy was not too pleased with that. Fruit was not his favorite snack and it took up lots of room in his basket that could better be filled with candy.

By the time they came home, they were exhausted, but happy. Each had filled their basket full. Each anticipated gorging on candy. But Mom and Dad limited the amount they could eat each day.

Each day they were allotted a few pieces of candy after school. One day, both Willy and Beth noticed that their candy was depleting faster than they were eating it. Grumbling took place. Willy blamed Dad for eating his chocolate. Beth was sure that Mom was doing it. Each parent denied it.

Since Mom was trying to lose weight, and being somewhat successful with it, the children decided it must be Dad for sure. Still, Dad denied it. The children decided to do some sleuthing to see who was taking the candy.

Willy snuck into the closet and got out the video camera. He set it where it couldn't be seen, but aimed at the candy baskets. He turned it on, then the children went off to school.

When they arrived home, Will and Beth went straight to the camera and took it into their rooms. That evening, while everyone was getting ready to watch TV, the children told their parents they were going to show the movie they shot with the video camera, thinking they would embarrass one or the other or maybe both.

But when the video started to run, all four of them were surprised at who the culprit was. Into the kitchen, their next door neighbor's, the Marshall's four-year-old, was sneaking about. He pulled out a chair and climbed up to reach the cupboard where the candy was stored, grabbed a handful then got down from the chair, put it back in place and left the house.

They all had a laugh at the little scamp. But from that day on, Mom made sure all doors were locked to their house. Beth and Willy apologized for accusing their parents.

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