My man's having an affair.
Not with a bimbo with golden hair.
Not Jenny or Mary or Peggy Sue.
She doesn't have eyes of turquoise blue.

She's not built like an outhouse of brick.
But he's stuck on her, really lovesick!
Spends all his time staring her way.
As for me, he's got nothing to say.

I guess you could say that I'm to blame.
I introduced them much to my shame.
And I showed him the way to her heart.
Looking back now, that wasn't real smart.

All of his time he spends hanging on her.
Now it's as if we never were.
I still do all the cooking an wash out his socks.
But our relationship is right on the rocks!

You know that I'm launching a virus attack.
Let's see if that just might pull him back.
Now he is planning his own little heaven,
He wants to upgrade to Windows 7.

Nearly all of the day and part of the night
He's hidden away out of my sight.
Convinced as he is, there's nothing cuter
Than the love of his life, The Dell Computer!

By Swampetta (


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