We as legal residents of the United States often times feel sympathy for the plight of the poor illegal immigrants. The child who gets to college and then is told he/she will have to be deported. The mother who gave birth to children here so they could be citizens. Perhaps it is the hard working laborer. And it is a sad situation. But how did the children get into school or the young man get into armed forces without proper ID? Someone had their identity stolen to give these people a chance here in the United States. The college boy that won the scholarship to Harvard? Well who didn't get a scholarship that was entitled to it because that boy had someone else's ID and got the scholarship?

From infancy on we all have to have a social security number. Who's Identity did these people steal so that they could use the social security number? Yes I have sympathy for these people. It is a sad situation. They risk their lives to cross our hot desert and come here. They are in danger from the criminals who smuggle them in to our country. They are often times hard workers. But still, they are using stolen identity to be here. Was it yours? Will you be the next victim to have your identity stolen so that these illegal immigrants can have a better life? Will it be your father or mother who can't get medical help and be sent to a less equipped hospital because the hospitals are filled up with people who have no way to pay for hospital services? Will your hospital close down because they cannot keep their doors open from non-paying illegal immigrants? Ok bleeding hearts that want to give illegals all the freedoms that they haven't earned. Why not give up YOUR place in the emergency room when you need it? Why not let them use YOUR identity to make a place for themselves in our country?

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)


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