Now I lay me down to sleep...Perhaps to dream, perhaps to think....



Now I lay me down to sleep
Perhaps to dream perhaps to think
Perhaps my brain waves will beep
Now I won't sleep not one small wink

Why is it when I am so tired
Thought patterns race through my mind
My brain is ever so wired
Mr. Sandman won't you be kind

What makes a body weary feel
Stay awake throughout the night
Sleep should be on an even keel
Wakefulness just is not quite right

Upon my pillow I lay my head
Restlessly I toss and I turn
I wish I had never gone to bed
As my thoughts churn and churn

And so I rise and walk about
Or sit in a chair and read a bit
Other's sleep so I cannot shout
I'll not sleep tonight not a whit

Awake when I should be asleep
Though I am tired my mind does race
Sometimes it makes me want to weep
Tomorrow I'll show a weary face

By Sharon (


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