January comes too early,
The morning after month
I'd like to put the month on snooze
And sleep in for a week

It's Monday morning of the year...
I have my organizer here
Resolutions made in earnest
Hmm...Place them on the back burners

Time to go inside my mind
Toss out all the useless thoughts
Walk through woods, fresh scrubbed pines
Nature has the real goods

Then down to the ocean, when I can
Screaming seagulls, raging surf
Stamp my footprints in the sand
Resume my courtship with the earth

Pretend I'm soaring high above
Nothing like a gull's eye view
To scan horizons where I've been
And where I'm going to

Then bank 180, come about
Head out for open ocean
Embrace the riddle of the sea
And the brand new year endowed to me.

By Diana Mercedes Howell (writerworks@live.com)




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