Almost like spring we started the day.
So off toward the beach to visit family we go.
A lovely short visit watching the clouds and blue sky
Three-year-old grandson watching for animals and tractors.
Seeing my older son's new home,
Wishing oldest granddaughter happy birthday.
Her tenth, and she is having a ten-layer cake.

Now as we drive the lovely road home
The clouds increase, fluffy and white.
A call from a friend saying a huge black cloud
is over their house.
As we drive into our home county the sky changes.
The sky is all colors, and clouds are all shapes.
Suddenly thunder and huge rain drops.
Now the road is flooded, as it rained last night.
The ditches and fields are full.
Beautiful skies once again.
As we drive into our yard the sun is setting.
Lovely skies once again.

By Brier (


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