Just for Today

Just for today
I will give my mind a rest
appreciate what I do have

Just for today
I will be Happy
I wonít dwell on thoughts that depress me

Just for today
I will change things I can
Accept things I canít

Just for today
I will do something positive
Improve my mind and health

Just for today
I will be totally honest with myself
Simply say ďI just donít knowĒ

Just for today
Iíll do something Iíve been putting off
I will mark off something on my to do list.

Just for today
Iíll stop beating myself up
Forgive myself and move forward

Just for today
I will be unafraid of the unknown
I will welcome change

Just for today
I will expect nothing from the world
I will give and expect nothing back

Just for today
Iíll give myself a break

© By Lauri Jardin (dsgngirl@hotmail.com)


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