Limericks on a Theme


Latest statistics now reveal
Text messaging behind the wheel
Affects concentration
To this revelation
Total morons say, "No big deal."

Crossroads Crisis

Over the keyboard fingers fly
As other cars go speeding by
Focus displaced
Onward she raced
Oh my, how her parents did cry

Hands On Experience

Ambidextrous, using both hands
Text notation she understands
Elbow on the wheel
The last glance she'll steal
Is the culvert in which she'll land

Lost Signal

The cell phone held tight in his grip
From the highway his wheels did slip
His text incomplete
He fell ninety feet
On his last automobile trip

Soft Shoulder

While typing text on his phone
On the road he felt quite alone
Strayed to the shoulder
And grew no older
Resides now under a stone


Before he could text a goodbye
A frightening sight caught his eye
The rear of a truck
He suddenly struck
From his fist a cell phone did fly

Thumbs Down

No matter how agile one's thumb
It's hard to deny that it's dumb
To text while you drive
Lest you may arrive
At the E.R. in days to come


The traffic light had changed to red
But through the signal one car sped
After two cars were wrecked
Drivers' cell phones were checked
Both texting each other, it's said

By Richard McCusker (


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