Hush Lil Baby Don't You Cry

Oh little one, go on and cry,
I will rock you and try to sing to you,
We are blessed to have you here.
Love we shall give to you, for it is free,
Love you is what we will do.
Love was given to us
Not to keep, but to spread about.
Now we freely give to you,
Not because of who you are or will be,
But because we choose to freely love you,
No strings attached.
Mistakes are made and forgiven.
Now we choose to love you
Just as you are.
For you are love in a bundle.
No prejudices or hate in your lil body,
Only a vessel willing to accept,
and we choose to fill you with love.
Some day you can pass this love on,
Pass it on as we all need love.

By Brier (

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