Be my valentine so true?
I will promise to be yours too.
I bought you candy with love written there.
Roses would be nice, that's true.

The roses didn't come that year.
I was oh so blue.
But another sent a card so true.
Friends we were and then closer.

We danced the night away.
Never to part we thought.
Then life happened and tears flowed.
Now no card or roses or candy too.

His eyes once reflected the love in his heart
The eyes of blue were very true
My brown eyes loved to look deep into his.
Now I take him roses and place them in his vase.

Now in the eyes of our grands I look
There I find love and blues and greens, and browns.
Sometimes it is pictures on my fridge.
Sometimes a flower, picked from my yard.

But I care not, as long as the love lives on.
I remember the love we had.
Often see it all around me.
In pictures, in memories and in precious loves.


By Brier (

The roses were photographed by

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