Not so many years ago I didn't mind winter
Granddad worked on my sled
He longed to be in the country where he was a boy.
But the next best thing was for me to sail through the snow.

He loved me though he seldom said it.
His step father was a mean man.
Times in Russia were hard.
His Mom put him on a train .

He and his sister rode to Czechoslovakia.
From there a Cousin put him on a boat to the United States.
He wrote through the years to his sister.
Sister married and had nice family.

Grand-dad only had one child, my Dad.
My parents had one child, me.
But now as I grow old the winter tells my age.
Old dry skin, itches in winter.

As the years roll by I wonder if things had been different,
Perhaps our lives would have been very different.
But as it is we all had full lives.
Even now winter brings good memories.

Memories of snowmen and sledding and falling off.
The sense of fear when you thought the sled wouldn't stop.
Some of the kids used can lids, old aluminum pans.
And the snow angels were all smiling, always.

By Brier (


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