After heavy rains, sunshine finally showed its lovely brilliance. A beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. Gregory set out on a journey to find the end of the rainbow, and hopefully its pot of gold. With a backpack full of supplies, he kept a close watch on the rainbow and walked and walked.

It seemed like he would never get to the end of the rainbow. He sat upon a rock to rest and to contemplate, should he continue the journey or give up and go home? As he was so very tired, he fell instantly asleep, only to awaken much later. It was now nighttime and no rainbow in sight. He didn't know what to do. It was too dark to go forward. And it was too dark to find his way home.

Just then, a furry creature came out of the woods and headed in his direction. He was very frightened. Was he about to be attacked by some wild hairy beast? He started to tremble with fear.

The creature came nearer. Just as Gregory was about to take flight, he recognized the creature to be a scraggly dog. The dog came up to him, looking very hungry. Gregory reached into his backpack and pulled out a sandwich. Dividing it in half, he gave one half to the dog and ate the other himself. "That's all the food I have dog. Sorry. I wish I had more to give you."

The dog cuddled up to him and the two fell asleep. When Gregory awoke in the morning, the dog was still with him. But the rainbow of course was gone. So he started back towards his home, the dog traveling with him. It took one full day to reach home. His mother met him at the door and scolded him for being away for so long. "I was terribly worried for your safety."

"Sorry Mom. I thought I would find the end of the rainbow and bring home a pot of gold, to help you with all our expenses. "

His mother couldn't stay angry with him, after that statement. How could she remain angry if all he wanted to do was help. "Where did that dirty, scraggly dog come from?" She asked.

"He followed me home."

"Well he needs a bath."

So Gregory and his mother took the dog to the laundry room and ran water in the sink. Together they gave the dog a good bath. Then they dried him off and brushed his fur. Taking him into the kitchen, they got a bowl of water and some scraps of food for him. As he ate hungrily, they notice his clean brushed fur was a beautiful gold color. Gregory named him Gold. When people asked why the strange name for the dog, he would answer, "He's my pot of gold."

And the dog earned the name. He became a good companion for Gregory and a good watch dog for the house. So Gregory got his pot of gold after all.

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