collared tight.
Anger not shown.
Sorrows unspoken.
Buried, constant thunder.
My heartís pain burning inside
my mindís jail. Incarcerated
for the protection of all involved.
Thunder must be silent; lest it be blood.

sources flash
attacks; lightning bolts
hammering at my soul.
Perpetual thunder waves
rolling, bashing, crushing my heart
in unrelenting storms each day, in
festering stillness from evils long past.
No ambushing squall Iíll let threaten you.
No rumbling booms to burst your soft world.
Nor lightning bolts out of the blue
to shatter serenity.
No! I will face thunder
unceasing; never
voicing the pain
of the price
I must

the price
be all thatís
my own. By far
it is much better
than to ever set free
bloody, destructive chaos.
But I long for quiet unknown;
to hear no more unending, never
relenting, silent thunder in my soul.

© By John Koelsch (KRASTYGER@aol.com)


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