Faint tinkle I heard as I shoveled the light snow,
trying to get it done before the wind began to blow.
Little tinkles playing a tune, so melodic the unknown tune,
so I paused to blow, knowing I had to get done real soon.

Got the north side sidewalk done
then started on that long east side one.
The tinkles turned into bells a ringing,
but alas, I heard no one singing.

Put my head down, shoveling hard,
neighbor came over and handed me a card.
We stopped to talk and me to blow,
when a puff of wind covered us in snow.

He cocked his head, ask what it was, hoping I would tell.
Quickly I replied, singing bells.
As we wiped our eyes and dusted off the snow,
I loudly heard a "Ho, Ho, Ho"!

We both laughed and shook our heads,
for there were two moose pulling two sleds.
Old man Johansen in a Santa suit,
Singing loudly, that crazy old coot

On the second sled was his wife and three old goats,
dressed like elves and feeling their oats.
She threw two packages at us as they turned the corner,
a third one hit the third floor dormer.

We shook our head and opened them up,
a harmonica for me, something for him to sup.
The spirit of Christmas came over us,
shucks, rest of the season we did not cuss.

Sleigh bells a jingling, old drunk a singing,
soon church bells were ringing,
it was time for Yule libations,
as we gave all loud salutations.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

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