Walking up the lane, daybreak on its way
snowflakes reflecting under the street light rays.
It is quiet on McAllister Lane, no wind does blow,
just two feet making tracks in the new fallen snow.
Light the sky although covered with clouds,
thinking of yesteryear as if walking under a shroud.

Smooth the light blanket of new fallen snow all around,
the sound of two large feet striking the ground.
Stretch the stride, longer steps, Van Cliburn playing in my ears,
Big smile as snowflakes strike my face, peace and no fears.
Occasional car and truck pass by, some of them I know,
illuminating the increasingly falling snow.

Fir trees frosted so pretty just standing there,
other trees have seams of white on the top of their limbs so bare,
rabbit tracks crossing the track, two bunnies playing tag,
then two red foxes coming down, hoping a meal to bag,
foxes keep on going, unaware it is snowing,
across the road and out of sight, snow is still a glowing.


Green is the color of the bottom of my shoes.
I slip as both feet go a flying,
start to laugh and get up,
slip again and go a sprawling.

Shake my head in disbelief,
am I getting careless or actually doddery?
Laugh and regain my feet,
a lot more careful where I step.

Brush myself off and continue on,
wondering what would have happened,
if I had been hurt,
how long would I have lain?

Cars flying by going both ways,
drinking coffee, talking on their cell phones,
along with the cacophony of the I Pod playing.

Wet now my bottom and my back,
the pavement is not frozen.
Thinking of a fresh cup of coffee,
and the sanctuary of my kitchen.


Steadily the snow falls but alas,
to the east,
sun is trying to break through.
Who or which will win the battle?

Temperature is a dropping,
soon upon a icy rink,
the vehicles with be driving,
slipping and a sliding.

Snow is sticking and accumulating,
some is now falling off the fir tree boughs.
Does it scare the small birds
who are within it hiding?

Cup of coffee, looking out the window,
white blanket of newly fallen snow.
The scene I see, a wonderland,
Thinking about the old settlers crossing.

School busses going all directions,
students all riding home.
Remembering back to long ago,
you walked to school or a horse you rode.

Phone rings shattering my thoughts,
taking me away from the past.
“No I doubt if it will be a blizzard,
you will have no trouble driving to the store!”

Just another ordinary day,
well in some certain ways.
Nice it is, oh so much,
to stand and gawk, doing nothing.


Snowfall and a cold day
mean a big pot of vegetable-beef soup,
or a big pot of pinto beans,
staples on which I was raised

Slowly the aroma develops, vegetables and beef all a simmering,
start to make a small pot of soup,
always end up with a full Dutch oven,
just the nature of my cooking.

Let it simmer for eight or so hours,
slowly the mixture barely bubbling.
Saltines and a glass of cold milk,
savor, taste enjoy the smell.

It will taste better tomorrow,
for there is enough for two or four days or so.
But slowly sip, crunch and sip,
life really ain’t that bad.


Standing, sipping coffee, looking out the window.
Snow falling, coming straight down,
larger flakes wafting about,
admiring the beauty of the scene.

Bits of old poems run through my head,
lines of poems we read in high school English Lit.
Long forgotten, not remembered,
small miniscule figments of the past.

“Farewell, farewell this I tell . . .”
I smile and can remember no more as
“Twas many, many years ago . . .”
comes to mind, ah I quote the whole poem.

At peace with the world, knowing who and what I am,
thinking of what has happened, thinking of what could have been,
trying to understand, “Abou Ben Adam may his tribe increase . . .”
how did I end up here?

What have I accomplished with my life,
how did I fall so short?
Laugh and look about,
It has been a wide and exciting life.

Just a mismash of ideas and thoughts that ran through my head
as the old brain continues to swirl and work.
Maybe some of my thoughts will trigger some of your own.
I am at peace with myself and my life, hope you also are.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)


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