Many bright stars flickered that night,
But only one so bright it dimmed the sun,
And what shepherds passed for wispy clouds
Were floating angel dresses.
Their songs so pure, so clear, so full of love,
Singing to their King from up above,
Born on sheltered new mown hay
His new babe ears ringing with angel singing,
The mewling of sheep,
Mother Mary’s lullaby.
Oh, what a night this baby lives,
Though many sleep through his birth delight.
Unaware was he of golden gifts,
He needed not what they would buy,
But the love that in that stable shown caused
Every adoring voice to lullaby;
Nor did he see the faces of kings
As loftier than the humble shepherd
As he cooed his little joyous replies.
The brilliance of that holy night
Ever brings peace that lives in spite
Of wars and quarrels of ill-willed men,
Like an eternal spring, a river flowing
Through those who hold on tight to Him.

© By Norma (

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