Springtime Frolic

In a row of aromic plants
Hummingbirds flit to and fro
With springtime frolic they play
Gathering nectar as they go

A shift from cold and windy days
Signs of warm weather arrive
Flowers blooming all over
Buzzing bees in a nearby hive

My neighbor sits on her porch
Sipping on ice tea with twist of lime
A chorus of birds singing in tree
It's such a beautiful spring time

© By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)

Surgery Day

The Hospital shifts were changing, and surgery was looming.
Why does it always seem so dooming?

"Sign here", said the Nurse when she brought in the Consent to Operate form.
It felt so final, but it really was the "norm".

The Nurse left, and the doctor came in for his speech on the procedure in a reassuring tone.
If so reassuring, why did it feel like it cut to the bone?

No supper, no anything was the rule before surgery of course.
The Nurse said she would like to honor my request of Vodka with a twist of lime, and one for her too, but the answer was "no" with no recourse.

I could see a row of daffodils out on the hospital lawn.
I wondered if I would see them in another dawn.

The bunnies were having a Springtime frolic out on the lawn amid the Tulips, and I marveled at their tameness in such a place.
It was like Easter again, with much prayer for grace.

It seemed like a chorus of angels attended my room.
I tried to be cheerful on the evening of what seemed like my doom.

I awoke to find that I had come through everything fine.
I was allowed to stay around for a while longer on this side of the line.

© By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)

Springtime Frolic

Working the grave yard shift, aching back
early the morning, time to hit the sack.
walked out of the hot and humid factory, oh so fair,
birds singing, warm, spring in the air.

Springtime in the air, got a coffee went to the lake
dabbed some rocks to make a wake
sipping coffee walking along
soon I was singing an old song.

A row of geese swimming around
all lined up, leader making squawking sound.
Robins and other birds, all singing in tune
glad I did not hear a loon.

Started home feeling fine,
cop pulled me over for crossing the line.
“Sign here or I will take you to jail,”
what a way to ruin an early morning tale.

Stopped off at the dew drop inn, now why not sin
G & T with a twist of lime, heck I could not win.

As I walked in the door a chorus I heard
my wife then called me a dirty bird.
I forgot, today the children went to the amusement park
chitchat and fussing not to confuse a meadowlark.

Got home at quarter to six,
my sleep was not in the mix,
so I went back to work,
that is something I cannot shirk.

© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

Spring Frolic

I am a retired nurse who worked her entire career of almost thirty years in a hospital setting. I worked third shift, 11pm to 7am for fourteen years. Many times when I would get out of work I would take a drive to just relax a bit and get my thoughts together after a particularly difficult night.

Getting off the graveyard shift when the day was dawning
I got into my car and started home in a fit of yawning
but Sunday morning was coming down and everything was still
I decided to take a drive, I had some time to kill
heading out the highway, past suburbs, then a forest
windows down, the radio blasting a Handel's chorus
I spotted the wind farm with a row of spinning blades
next to the county sod farm with green grass of many shades
on down the road was pasture land where lambs played in Spring Frolic
with mama sheep and a few cows in a scene that was quite bucolic
I turned into a country road and traveled a few more miles
then turned around and headed home while turning the radio dial
a salesman came on shilling his wares, saying all you have to do is "sign here"
and by the time that I got home, I was ready for a Corona Beer
I popped the top, took a twist of lime and pushed it into the brew
drank that cold relaxing drink, then slept the whole day through

© By susi (Texaswishr@aol.com)


When perfect air dances everywhere,
Wool-shed children mischief plan,
‘Les wisened teachers rope such verve,
Into springtime frolic.

PTA, we’ll have a Maypole dance,
Sign here if you wish to volunteer,
There’s a chance for a
Memory afternoon.

Yellow ribbons flutter from a dad-made pole,
A row of tomorrow’s geniuses,
Arrange in a circle each take
An end of crepe.

A chorus from borrowed karaoke
Sings “Here we go gathering nuts in May”
Angel and ruffian alike
Swinging, braiding.

Skip to the front, shift under Sue,
A bit like knit one and then pearl two,
All arm in arm for the promised reward trip,
Big Pizzas.

Tousle tops sleep early night happy,
Teamwork for a pretty yellow pole,
Moms and pops slosh margueritas with
A twist of lime.

© By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

Springtime Frolic

Can you feel the shift from winter to spring?
Warmer breezes can mean anything.
A springtime frolic is in the air.
Bunnies and bear cubs are everywhere.
A row of tulips stands proud in pink.
Are the jonquils jealous? Do you think?
"Sign here" for my summer sandals.
I'll put away my winter candles.
A drink of cold tea with a slice of lime.
Waited for this a long, long time.
The birds will sing a chorus or two.
The best of spring I wish for you.

© By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)







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